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Volume One—Just Call Me Joe Joe

In this first installment, Joe Joe faces a shop owner who lashes out at him, assuming that Joe Joe was part of the gang that trashed the store. An avid reader, Joe Joe gets a book from the local library and is inspired by the story of Negro League baseball legend “Cool Papa” Bell, whose life teaches a valuable lesson on self-esteem.

"The story teaches Joe Joe that even though he is treated unfairly because of his race, it doesn't change who he is."

Associated Press

"Thanks again for the great stories and characters in the "Joe Joe in the City" series. They are now a staple in every class I teach."

Nichelle Boyd-Robinson, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
University of Mississppi

From Just Call Me Joe Joe

Joe Joe looked up in shock. It was Mr. Booth yelling at him. His face was
red, and his eyes were bulging with anger. He shouted at Joe Joe again.
“I said, get out!”
“But, Mr. Booth…” Joe Joe protested.
“Go on! I don’t want any of you boys in my store—ever again!”
“But, I…”
“I said, get out!”
As Joe Joe backed away, still stunned, Mr. Booth sank onto the stool
behind the counter. He held his face in his hands.
Joe Joe turned and ran home in tears.
He ran through the front door. He sobbed to his grandmother, “Grandma, I
didn’t do anything. Honest, I didn’t do anything!”