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Volume Four—Iíll Do the Right Thing

In this final volume, Joe Joe faces gang trouble at school. He has to make a difficult decision about whether to join Tyrone and his crew, the Defenders, or to follow the example of Ralph Bunche, the first African American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Reading about the life of Ralph Bunche leads Joe Joe to appreciate individuals who stand apart from the crowd and help others work out their problems in a peaceful way.

"The story teaches Joe Joe that even though he is treated unfairly because of his race, it doesn't change who he is."

Associated Press

"Thanks again for the great stories and characters in the "Joe Joe in the City" series. They are now a staple in every class I teach."

Nichelle Boyd-Robinson, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
University of Mississppi

From Iíll Do the Right Thing

Joe Joe didn’t laugh. He looked Tyrone straight in the eyes.
“I’ll do it,” Joe Joe said abruptly.
“What?” Tyrone was shocked.
“I’ll join your Defenders.”
“Well,” Tyrone smirked, “it’s not that easy, you know. First you gotta prove you aren’t the punk everyone thinks you are!”
Joe Joe swallowed hard. “So, what do I have to do?”
Tyrone gave him a hard look and asked, “You going to work today?”
“Then steal something. Take something from old Mr. Booth’s store. I’ll come by your house later—after work. Show it to me and you’ll be one of the Defenders.”
The three of them walked on to school. They didn’t talk any more about what Joe Joe was going to do that afternoon.